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.:. Superficial beauty suffocates you .:. [entries|friends|calendar]
The White Woman

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[16 Nov 2004|08:55pm]
i miss my lj i might come back.
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[23 Feb 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

HEY EVERYONE GO MAKE A JOURNAL ACCOUNT WITH GREATESTJOURNAL.COM AND ADD ME CAUSE IM A LOSER AND I HAVE NO NEW FRIENDS BTW MY LAYOUT OWNS GO CHECK IT OUT. and if you do have an account with greatestjournal.. add liquorish cause u love me i hope.

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[19 Feb 2004|10:15am]
hm i really needa update.. i will when i get home from skewl.
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[12 Feb 2004|09:42am]
[ mood | bored ]


i hate school.. just took a test, i think i did pretty well.. in my white people math (as nikki would say) making fun of me cause i fail stupid people math. >.< okay so things are werid... i dont feel like typing it all but ya.. just know that. k bye

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[10 Feb 2004|06:13am]
[ mood | cold ]

so sup?

i havent updated in a while so this may or may not be a long one..

hm.. so things are fairly good. meg, blair, and one of blairs friends kelly were all suppose to go out to see linkin park and story of the year and some other bands i'm not really too fond of but see that got postponed... so we ended up just hanging out all night.. we went to kellys history class.... i think thats all i need to say about that... yah then we went to in-n-out for food. :] yah know oh yah.. we also went to get kellys ears gauged. shes a weenie :x i couldda done it for her for free. okay but then!#@$ we went to go see rocky horror picture show live and just.. it was so funnay. i had a really good time.

so with my family.. shellies school something or another says that shellie wants to kill herself.. yikes? so now my mom is being all extra nice and took her off grounded and all this stupid stuff. shellie... shes an idiot. i remember a long days ago when i was cutting my mom just told me she was gonna send me to a mental hispital.. shes nice eh? always baby the baby

okay so i got my hair done?! i cut it all off and dyed it like 4534534 different reds and maroons. it came out so cute.. i think.. i'm not sure.. i havent gone to school yet and seen everyones reaction. the guy who did it was so gay and i was like MAN let me take u home and we can just hang out.. or hell.. take me shopping. he was like "i'm bored..talk to me...tell me about those bitches at school" i was laughing. he was all singing and dancing to the spice girls and madonna. he was rad.

so me and the best girlfriend in the planet. so!#@$ on v-day we are gonna go out to dinner and im gonna buy her something.. b ut i don't know what.. any ideas? something cute.. i wanna make her something because i like home made gifts better so gimmie some ideas. yah anyways... her and i have been really good lately. all i wanna do is lay in bed with her and hold her cause its just the best. listening to her whisper sweet stuff to me just <3 i'm finally happy again. =)



[01 Feb 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So just...

Meg and I had the best weekend ever in the planet of weekends.

Kay yada yada we (i) packed up her whole bedroom.. it was kinda depressing but eh whatever

okay so meg and i took a shower together and just... thats the most amazing and intimate thing ever. just you forget everything and its just wow.. just we are gonna have to do that more.. a lot more?

she took me out to dinner which is always great fun and she just makes me feel like im the only girl alive in her eyes sometimes and i just love that feeling more then anything.

so meg bought herself shoes (the ones i wanted) a new phone and a game boy advance.. and zelda. i'm happy too se eher just blow her money on stuff knowing she doesnt need to pay for anything.. she gets happy and just i love when shes happy. :]

kay bye ;]

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[28 Jan 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | awake ]

so sups? :]

i havent been to school in two days. eep. i really need to start going or else. ;[ bad grades = bad..

meg and i have sorted a few things out and i guess things are okay. i'm just parinoid. like an idiot.. and i get carried away with thoughts.. sucks really bad but i'm not sure how to fix it.

my mom will be home thursday. i hope she still intends to kick philip out.. cause he is the reason she is there.. and shes a fool if she doesn't.

i've been so lazy the past two days.. like SO lazy.. just laying in bed channel surfing all day. i don't really have much else to be going.. besides laundry that i'm just to lazy to get started on.

um more pics of meg and i.. old but i love them




megs arm.. :D

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[25 Jan 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so.. i'm maybe thinking about making my journal friends only? i don't know yet. just.. i would like to know who is reading my journal. i don't care who you are and more then likely ill add you so you can read anyway. i just wanna know.

anyway i spent the weekend with megan. i cleaned up her bedroom a little so she can pack a little easier. i'm going down next weekend to help her finish.

my moms in the mental hospital till tomorrow. she's been there since thurs. my family and life and friends is so fucked up..? the only person i feel like i have left in this world who actually cares is megan. all my other friends are just white power (or so they think) and it gets so gay. -sighs-

i hate palmdale. so much kay im moving asap? i need a job first.. and ,maybe a car? i hate being so low class that i never ever even have one dime in my pocket.. ever.

just okay im going. megs gonna be here soon <3

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just a sign of how much you love someone. [23 Jan 2004|11:53am]
[ mood | productive ]

When you dont get along for a little bit with someone and you still thank god that you're with that person. Megan and I have our ups and downs but we always and i mean ALWAYS finish on the UP part. Shes such an amazing person, sometimes things are my fault sometimes they are hers, but im always thankful that she's mine. We may not be perfect as individuals but together we are, and i mean that more than i've ever meant anything before. We both have our imperfections but i love all of her and that includes the imperfections and she loves all of me and that includes all my imperfections. Even when we dont get along i still keep on falling in love with her, and at the end i will love her more than i did at the beginning. She gives me the most intense feelings in my heart, she envigorates my soul, she gives me a reason to wake up every morning. Everyone who says love is hard is wrong because when it is RIGHT love is the easiest thing in the world because it is unconditional. And id like to take this time to tell megan and the world that i love you megan, unconditionally, i love all of you, from your man up to ur cute feet (even tho i hate feet). You have taught me so much about life and helped me grow up so much and ive done the same with you, and i can not wait to continue holding your hand and growing up with you because im ready to spend my life with you and ive always been ready. I love you my angel < 3 you truly make loving you so easy, and thats how i know its so right, we are so right < 3.

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[21 Jan 2004|07:38pm]
[ mood | touched ]

you're the words that come out easy and i am speechless at best your star it seems to shine above the rest

you're the face before the cameras the smile i'd like to earn the closest thing to perfect in a hollywood to burn

youre the beauty that is deeper than than eyes can merely see the closest thing to perfect but the farthest thing from me

you're the dream that hasn't ended and i'm still anxious for rest your words they seem to hang above my head

you're the bud before the flower unfurls into full bloom captivating beauty but it may be all too soon

you're the song that writes a story but leaves a lot to read

you're the closest thing to perfect but the farthest thing from me and like i really deserve a chance to sit across a table and tell you that i think you're wonderful and i think you're something special

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[20 Jan 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | loved ]

just we are the cutest ever.. kay?




i love when we act silly.. these are old but they just . . . make me smile like you don't even know kay?

later :] <3

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[20 Jan 2004|09:41am]
[ mood | listless ]

so sup? ;]

uhm i had a good weekend.. i think.. well it was good cause i was with megan.. bad becuase of all the family problems her and i are both having right now.

last night my stepdad beat the crap outta my mom. worse then he has ever before. she had this huge fat lip. and i guess he tried to to do something and pressed his finger really hard in her eyes and he broke some blood vessels. she looked like hell when megan and i waled into the house last night.

hes here right now... packing.. for good this time... he got his tickets to go back to england and he's on his way. thank god... oh and hes leaving the truck for my mom... and yes that still does make him a heartless bastard. he can never just give a truck away and expect everything to be okay.. he hit me and my mother and just... we have lived like that for way too long.. but luckily its made my mother and i so strong.. you wouldn't even believe the things we have been though.

so yah.. we hung out with blair at the mall? it was cool i guess. i don't know it was werid as fuck.. :/ but if anything i was the only one acting normal :p

so yah you all know i'm back with meg correct? okay heres the deal.. i fuckin love her.. i seriously would do anything in my power to make her smile. i really hope she's forreal this time... and yes i do trust her.. i'm just scared that she's gonna leave me.. for blair.. ha. ya i know, okay ummmm ya

meg has been like... the sweetest thing ever on the planet.. i like her when shes super sweet. and i just wanna jump on her and never let her go. i know where her and i went wrong in our last relationship and ive so changed into a better person since that.. so hopefully things work out.. -wishes my self luck-

okay bye fags.


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[14 Jan 2004|08:29am]
[ mood | drained ]

so things are going very well for me at the moment. im sitting in class right now and just blah. im doing bad in here. i shouldda watched what she was doing inted of goofing around with daniel and tiff. oh well too late.

anyway i'm so tired. all i wanna do is sleep. i think im gonna take a nap when i get home.

megan is comming over today. yay i love her. she wouldda came yesterday but there was too much traffic. and thats okay cause i had some things i needed to finish for school.

okay so ima go. later



[13 Jan 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so beacuase i want to forget everything that happened before i have chosen to delete all my old entries. you know i wish life was like that.. if you don't like the way something happened you can just press a button and its all gone.. erased out of your life..

anyway on a better note megan and i are back together. i am very happy about this cause its suppose to be this way and i know she now sees it. i think i'm more in love with her now then i was before.. which is a good thing.

i ditched 4th period today and went into the chior room with adriann and just hung out. it was fun. this was my first time ditching this year. i remember when i was a freshmen and it was so scary to ditch.. now its like nothing.

i need a new layout and stuff. i just have no idea what i wanna do to my journal. but i know im getting sick of the sam ol stuff. nikki help me. you are a smart kid.

meg.. <3

<3 j

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